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Pillow fluffed and neatly tucked back beneath her head, Regina closed her eyes, intent on salvaging what remained of the night. This was one fine mess, for certain. Regina and Emma head to the school to speak to Mary Margaret, who has no idea Henry took her credit card.

Regina's Daughter (Once Upon A Time Fanfiction)

Regina sits on the edge of the bed and inhales the magic. Her magic disappearing from her. While Regina couldn't see his face, the fact that he found anything about this situation humorous at all sent a chill down her spine.

Emma's only response was to turn and retch into the toilet again. And they certainly wouldn't now. As they stopped there they resumed their upward climb back to your back, and easily your freckles and moles were pointed, dotted here and there in random spots, the dominate bones protruded naturally.

Emma waves her off, agreeing before Mulan can even finish the request. Your fingers, I remember, were roughly gentle upon my lips, and your eyes, though dark in color and even darker in the night, sparkled with an emotion that couldn't be rightly explained.

Emma confronts Regina on the fact and asks how she could have no soul, before rushing after Henry. Rumple's palm pressed gently against Emma's abdomen, and both women recoiled instinctively at the touch. We always find something to whine for. Never mind, found some. After Lucy refuses to go, her mother reveals her desire to not be separated from her if Victoria refuses to let them see each other.

Aurora giggles, smoothing it back down, and they kiss again, the hardest one yet, tongue and teeth and quickened breathing. She focused on Emma, wanting so badly to reach out and touch her in comfort, though unsure it would be well-received.

Emma Swan (COAI)

Our clasp tightened, and we resumed our embrace in bed, tattered and tumbling, moans creaked under a springy mattress. The show is also developing an Expanded Universe starting with Reawakened, a tie-in novel based on the first season. She needed to know, even if there wasn't any answer that would alleviate the rock now settled firmly in her gut.

When he confirms that he is, she introduces herself as his daughter, though, due to the curse, he believes he doesn't have a daughter; however, she insists he does and that his family needs him. So it was that when I awoke my nose started at your pine tree, rum-soaked odor even with bouts of sweaty residue instead of inhaling my bed sheets' jasmine touch, mingled with an added dose of orange lily.

The woman who now slept each night in the room one door to the left of Regina's own, a pain in her ass and the bane of her existence. He touches her elbow. Deciding to seek out her real father even though he has no memory of her, she sneaks out to board a train and arrives at his apartment doorstep.

Dear god, she caught herself hoping, please don't let it be the pirate. She didn't miss the way the girl's hand came up to steady her stomach, nor the shuddering breath that followed.

It was interesting, and I'll probably do Will next time, sometime soon. She looks up to find him already looking straight at her. You told me that Robin had helped you adjust…somewhat, at times really, not that you were especially close with him now.

Emma shrugged, still grinning timidly as she tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear before turning and walking away. Mulan is used to strange lands. Henry kisses her on the head before she runs off through a back exit and he goes to fight off the intruders. Another one opens, and when it's time to move on, don't wait.

She had often wondered what it might be like to have a little girl. Mary Margaret is Snow White. Follow/Fav Once Upon A Time Travel. By: TimeTravelFreak2. Emma Swan and Regina Mills wake up one day to something of the past. But weren't they just about to go save Hook? Now they face the question of who's actually or coming back, and when did or will they come back?

Post season 5, starts redoing season 1. Once Upon a Time, a series of misadventures in love and patience leads to Emma and Regina's happy mistake. The results, and the reactions, are very mixed. Kingdom Hearts on Once Upon a Time.


MAGIC INCIDENT (GxG)(Emma x Regina)(ONCE UPON A TIME)(GirlxGirl)(FanFiction)

Love Kingdom Hearts and Once Upon a Time? What if the two were one? Kingdom Hearts is perfect for Once. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site Captain America Iron Man MCU Civil War Iron Man MCU Civil War. A "Riverdale" actress is joining "Once Upon a Time," and this is a crossover we didn't dream up.

Author's Note: I do not own Once Upon A Time or its characters.

'Once Upon a Time' Creators Tease 'Big Reveals' in Friday's Regina-Centric Episode

Just a fan "Sorry I am late," Emma said as she entered the classroom. She smiled at Henry's teacher, and tried not to make eye contact with Regina who was sure to have a snarky remark about her inability to show up on time.

Rubykatewriting ao3 once upon a time
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